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19 years old

Last login:06/07/2023


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Drawing,lain, art,coding,video games,anime, moe stuff,kawaii culture, jojifukku, yami kawaii, yume kawaii,decora,2000s web stuff,weirdcore,NEET ,kidwave ,pixel art,toys,plushies ,cartoons,bullet journaling , blogging,sea life , stickers, vocaloids, Barbie


crystal castles,deftones,sewerslvt,nine inch nails,KMFDM, rammstein,machine grl,yueule,Rebzyyx,Nirvana,memo boy,molchat doma,eyedress,toby fox,melanie martinez,boa,tv girl,OOMPH!,slip knot,horrormovies,lana ,loona, dia, teen suicide,wednesday campanella,hatsune miku,red velvet, future funk


shugo chara, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Jewelpet, Kirarin revolution, pichi pichi pitch !, ouran high school host club, puella madoka magica, Lucky star, Saint seiya, City hunter,Sailor moon, Pri para,Serial experiment lain,Monster,Aikatsu, Precure,Creamy mami,Ranma 1/2,hello kitty, onegai my melody, chibi vampire,flcl,K-on!,Kuroko no Baseke,Cardcaptor Sakura,Ojomajo doremi, Rozen Maiden,Black butler,Neon genesis evangalion,Assasination classroom, tokyo mew mew,devilman crybaby,sugar sugar run


Animal crossing,Sonic the hedgehog, Zelda,Yu-gi-Oh! tag force,Sillent hill,stardew valley, cooking mama,Undertale,Harvest moon,dokodemo,Tomodachi life,Needy streamer overdose,mortal kombat,fatal frame,resident evil,purple palace, flash games,clannad,visual novels


Barbie, Mulan, Little mermaid, wreck it ralph,howl's moving castle, princesse mononoke, castle in the sky,spirited away, kiki's delivery service,zero day, shall we dance?,forget me not,virgin suicides


sanrio,mahou shoujou,strawberry shortcakes,emo scene,ocs

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About Me

19 something girl living on the web ⋆。° ✮ i love anime and videogames !!૮ • ﻌ - ა DNI if you are ddlg/cgl/m4p/P0rn/Kinks ⋆。˚slight tw for mention of ed and sh occasionally૮₍ ´• ˕ •` ₎ა

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